The only place for Physiotherapy in Molivos/Molyvos village

Category Physiotherapy
Company name Mss. Gudrun Halbinger
Location  Molivos/Molyvos
Region North Lesbos
Treatments Massage, Foot reflexology, Physiotherapy, Bach flower and christal therapy, Tachyon- Practitioner, Ayurveda-oilmassage 
Spoken language(s) German, English, Greek
Phone +302253071372


 Eftalou,Molivos Lesvos
   Molivos Lesvos massage
  Molivos, Mitilini Lesvos    Eftalou, lesvos


From Moilivos taxi rank take the turn to Eftalou road, after 100 metres you will see a big villa on your left hand with the physiotherapy-sign on the top floor balcony. Mss. Gudrun has her business at her home address.


The wide spectrum of treatments Mss Gudrun Halbinger offers from:

- classic physiotherapy

- energetic relaxation massages

- foot reflexology to cristal

- bach flower and auromatherapy

- ayurveda oil massages 


All of this offer beneficial relaxations, as well as professional help in case of specific sysmtoms such as migrine, insomnia, neck pain, pain in your neck, back or shoulder, rheumastism and exhaustion sydrome.

Metamorphosis treatment; If you want another demension to your holiday on the Greek Aegean island of Lesvos/Lesbos, you are invited to experience your personal METAMORPHOSIS and treatments will take about 45 minutes.

It means change, transformation and also learning by new experiances of body and spirit. Holidays in a beautiful place as the Greek Aegean island of Lesvos/lesbos offer everyone the possibility of taking a step forward in their own.


For all treatments you need to make an appointment by phone call +302253071372 or you can ask your host/hotel reception to make this phonecall

Special offer for women

Full body massage with essential oil for deep relaxation, cleaning and strengthening the immune system, mitigating depression and stress. Therapy duration is about 90 minutes and will cost 70 Euros

Treatments     duration  price
classic phisiotherapy        
Matamorphosis     45 minutes  40 Euros
Ayurveda oil massage     90 minutes  70 Euros
energetic relaxationmassage        
foot reflexology        
bach flower        

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